Get Most Out Of Social Media

How to get the most
out of social media
In the second of his two-part series, Andrew Langridge
looks at what content you should be posting on social
media. and when, for maximum customer engagement
and new business wins
Types Of content to consider
Content wise. it is acceptable to post the same content across
several platforms, but for the best results, mix it up — you don't
want to bore your audience. Creating content specifically for
each platform adds real value to your business's social media
and will generate better results.
In the garment decoration industry, the social media trend at
the moment is showcasing, from the latest products to newly
purchased equipment.
Other types ot content that have been popping up on my feeds
include infographics. articles. latest news and reviews. all of
which help give a business some online gravitas„ These are es-
pecially popular on Facebook and LinkedIn where you can have
larger posts and provide more details and information, It pro-
motes your business as a market leader and industry authority
why would a customer go elsewhere when you're the expert?
Planning content
Create a social media calendar and work out what upcoming
events you need to cover and build content around this, In my
opinion, the best tool to schedule your content is Hootsuite: you
can post content for any of your social media channels using this.
Remember though, social media is all about building your
business a personality. People want to know what's going on,
what's the latest job being dispatched, who are your interesting
customers and so on. none of which can be planned very far in
That's not to say, however, they don't want to hear about the
latest offers: your customers both existing and new want to
make savings. but just be cute and make sure it isn't thrown in
their face.
When is the best time to post content?
There are thousands of articles explaining the best times to en-
gage with customers on each individual platform, but in reality,
it is not an exact science and it depends on the quality of the
Commonly 12-2pm and 6-8pm are good times to post. but
you should trial posting at several different times and see which
times reach the best audience and have the highest engage-
ment rate.
How often should you post?
There's no right or wrong answer to this either. although I would
always advise quality over quantity — you don •t want to overdo it
and bore your customers. In an ideal world, an average three to
four quality posts per week on Facebook. Instagram and Linke-
din should do the trick. and four to five Tweets each day.
But some weeks there may be more, some less. The best ad-
vice is to just engage naturally with customers. post your latest
work and articles and see what works and what doesn't.
What toots help monitor engagement?
Monitoring your social media posts will give you a good un-
derstanding of what is and what isn't working Packages such
as Keyhole. Hootsuite and Buffer are low cost ways to moni-
tor reach and engagement while Klout measures your social
If you want to keep it simple though. Twitter Analytics and
patterns which you can then use to build your content around.
Google Analytics will identify how much traffic social media is
being driven to your website.